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The story and movement started one night when the world went to the biggest virtual party, DJ’d by D-nice. While he was shouting out every celebrity entering his live, I was just so grateful to be in a energetic virtual space with so many people, jamming to great music. Motivated to move stale energy and the state of being the world was entering into, I decided to roll out my mat and practice. It was dope and refreshing. I wanted the world to move their stale energy too, to breathe out the shit. 

We’re utilising the dope beats and amazing blends to keep the body moving and the breath flowing. 


I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to connect with so many unique craftspeople.

Connecting with a college friend who posted a query about going live, I asked if he would be down to collaborate a live with me doing yoga. Needless to say one DJ lead to two then grew to a few and now we are 100+ DJs. Cultivating a platform and space that combines two industry impacted my Quarantining, while ‘Connecting the Body, the Breath, and the Beat’. As a Virtual Community Assembler, I am honoured to have met so many amazing talented individuals and been able to impact so many lives in multiple arenas from the many donations we raised with the two Live DJ’d Yogathons to the classes our sets offer everyday. 

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